Gambia Music School Donations & Funding

Attracting sponsorship, donations, volunteers and funding for the Gambia Music School has been challenging and time consuming.

With dedication, a great team effort, planning and strategy, our fund raisers are raising donations of instruments, educational materials and of course money to support the school and their music education and development projects across Gambia.

We are happy to receive volunteers, sponsorship, funding or donations of anything involving music such as instruments, training and educational materials, books and DVDs. Please play a part in the Gambia Music School’s development projects.

Donating to Music and Performing Arts Charities: Volunteer or donate money, expertise, equipment, supplies & services to sponsor, support or fund music and performing arts NGO’s, aid projects & charities in Gambia.

Music and Cultural Charity Work & Jobs: Linking volunteers & donors offering funding, support and sponsorship to music and performing arts charitable organizations, charity projects & charities in Gambia.

Music and Performing Arts Charities & NGO’s: Listings and links for individuals and companies supporting and sponsoring African cultural, music and performing arts charities, non profit organizations & development or aid projects.